Barking Max

Oh, boy, Max is not happy. When he senses something not quite right he usually voices his opinion with a loud menacing bark. Animals are so in tuned to their surroundings. They can sense when someone or something is not good or questionable. They protect us and watch out for us like we do them. Max is no different. He loves everything and everyone but there are those rare occasions when something or someone will rub him the wrong way. Since Max’s normal disposition is happy, I get suspicious when he barks like he’s doing now.

Does your pet warn you when something is not quite right? What does he/she do?

Sweet Whispers…

In this day and age it is nice to enjoy a secret with a friend – some privacy, if you will. Max is enjoying a story told by one of his many friends. I have no idea what the colorful bird is divulging to Max but it must be something important. That bird specifically chose Max for his secret. He must know that he is good at keeping them. I can’t help but be curious.

Do you enjoy sharing secrets with your friends? Do you enjoy being private? Why?

Return from the Unknown

As you might have noticed, Max has been gone for a few days. This happens every so often – ever since he met the majestic eagle. Max will be pondering a thought by the window, as he can often be found doing, and like magic, the majestic eagle will appear to answer Max’s questions. And there are times, like this one, when the eagle will take Max to some far off place and share with him the secrets of the universe, or so I think. What else could it be? Sometimes Max will open up and tell me of his adventures but other times he’ll keep these mysteries to himself. It might be because he hasn’t, as of yet, understood all that he has been taught.

Well, this is one those times. He’s not talking. He looks a little dazed. Well, quite honestly, cross-eyed.  Must’ve been something heavy. I will leave Max to his teachings and when he is ready I am sure he will open up to me. He usually does!

Max and Willamena Sleeping Away

I dare not disturb Max and his lil sis Willamena. They are still fast asleep. I don’t blame them. Who doesn’t like extra sleep especially when you’ve had a long night. Max and Willamena were up all night playing. Willamena loves to explore and so she always runs all over Max. Max loves it! He’s never felt something so tiny and sweet. He’s great with her, too. He somehow knows that she is tiny and that he can squash her, so he’s extra gentle with her. He stays real still while she climbs and runs about. Every now and then he’ll peek around to see where she is but for the most part he’s like a statue.

I will let them sleep some more. They look so happy together.

Raiding the Dog Food

F13015maxinfoodbagDogs will be dogs! And Max is no exception. When given the opportunity he will make himself comfortable and indulge in his favorite bag of dog food. Now, don’t ask me how he got that bag open. Dogs can be pretty ingenious when it comes to satisfying their appetite. I have to admit, though, I must have left it open just a little too much but the real question is, “How did he get it out of the cupboard and in the middle of the kitchen?!

Oh well, I think I will let him have his way with that bag of food for a while. I’m sure at some point he’ll get sick of it! Ha-ha! I love my Max. He always makes me smile.

Has your dog ever helped himself to his own dog food? What happened?

Just Happy

Sometimes there is no reason in the world to be happy but one finds him or herself happy anyway! Do you get like that? I do. I could be sitting around doing nothing and all of a sudden I am just feeling amazingly happy and have no idea why!

Well, I can safely say that Max is pretty much happy all the time! He has this carefree way about him that I so enjoy. He’s always eager to discover something new, explore everything he can get his nose at and he is especially always eager for a new and tasty treat. I enjoy observing him to see his reactions and attitude towards new things. I find that it’s always one of excitement. I can learn a thing or two from Max.

Do you find yourself just happy? What do think brought it about?

Drawing My Max

I love drawing Max. He’s so much fun to draw because he has lots of expressions. You might not always see them on his face but you can feel them. I am sure you can feel what your pet is thinking.

It’s often challenging to pin Max down. He doesn’t like to stay still for very long, so I have to draw real quick or draw from memory and hope for the best. He likes to play and run around. The best times to draw Max is when he’s sleeping or when he’s just lying down thinking of whatever dogs think about – probably his next treat!

Do you like to draw? What is your favorite subject or object to draw?


Max Guarding His Toy

11415maxwithballOh, it doesn’t seem like Max wants to share his toy with anyone today – not even me! I find that Max sometimes gets a little protective of his stuff – don’t we all? This is nothing new for us humans, so why should it be any different for animals? He looks so serious, too!

Well, I can relate. I don’t like sharing my cell phone with anyone or my laptop or even my desktop computer, so I can understand why Max doesn’t want to share his toy today. I must say, though, that he is not always in the non-sharing mood. He always loves to play. I pass the ball to him and he nudges it with his nose to me. We play for hours at a time.

I think I’ll leave Max alone with his toy and when he’s ready to play he will most definitely come running to me.

Are there times when you don’t want to share? Why?

Decorating the Christmas Tree

Christmas is a special time of year for Max and I. We shop for a tree together and he helps me decorate. He holds the basket of Christmas ornaments very carefully. He’s so focused when he has a job to do. It keeps him busy and makes him feel special.

Max doesn’t really know what Christmas really means. I tried to explain it to him one day. I told him that if it weren’t for a man named Jesus Christ there would be no Christmas or maybe even a holiday season!! I think that made him a little sad, his eyes widened and his head tilted – a clear sign of “What?!”

I explained to him that, for me, Christmas is not only a time to celebrate with family and receive and give gifts, but it is also a time to remember what Christ taught me. He taught me that I could reach for the stars and do great things, just like he did. He taught me that I could spread the good news of love and compassion for others and that I am a powerful being that can change the world if I look within. What a great message! Now, I don’t scream these things from the roof top – people would think I’m crazy! But if I think about it, I kinda live his message already. I help Max spread the good news of animal compassion! Max just barked when I said that. He’s happy to spread the good news of animal compassion. He loves all animals and even us crazy humans, too.

Well, Max and I are going to continue to decorate our tree. He says he hopes you enjoy decorating your tree, too and that you have fun.

Does your pet help you decorate your tree? What does he/she do to help?

Belly Rub Time

Max is very excited right now. You want to know why? Well, it’s because he’s about to receive a bundle of love, also known as a belly rub. He hears that familiar tone in my voice when I’m about to smother him with lots of belly rubs and kisses. He can be such a baby sometimes but that’s one of the many reasons why I love my Max.

Animals catch on quick to us humans, don’t they? It’s almost like they know we have a hard time understanding them because they don’t speak with words, so they adapt to us and learn our habits and use them to communicate with us. Interesting… I do my best to understand Max. I notice that when I’m quiet and nothing else is on my mind and I listen from within myself, I can understand every “word” he’s saying. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

Can you understand your pet? What are some of the ways your pet communicates with you?