Interview with Maria Milito of Q104.3

I am excited to share with you an interview I did with Maria Milito of Q104.3 about Max. Click here to listen and enjoy as we talk about how Max got started and where he’s going. Thank you for always supporting Max.

Max says, “Ruff!”


Max’s Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Staying cool with Max’s Stainless Steel Water Bottle by my side. Nothing like a cold refreshing bottle of water on a hot and muggy day.

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Max’s Tote Bag at the Beach

At the beach with Max’s Pit Bull American Tote Bag. This bag is huge! I fit a blanket, two sweatshirts, water, sandals and snacks in here. The handles are strong and the fabric is sturdy.

Pick yours up in Max’s Zazzle shop today at and instantaneously convert all who pass you by to Pit Bull Lovers!

Max says, “Thanks!”

Max Saves Christmas 46th and 5th Avenue NYC

Yesterday, we had our own storefront! Fancy, isn’t it? Right on 5th avenue and 46th Street. We couldn’t ask for a more bustling and vibrant location. It was another successful day for Max.

Join the thousands of adults and children who have already enjoyed Max’s thrilling adventure in Max Saves Christmas and visit Amazon to grab your copy today!

Max Saves Christmas Sign in NYC

Out and about on the streets of NYC with my Max Saves Christmas sign. Do you think they saw me coming? It was a great experience. I walked from Chinatown to around 47th and 5th hitting as many hot spots as I could in between. Every time I stopped at the corner for the light someone tapped me on the shoulder asking me about Max. Sometimes, in order to get the word out, you just gotta do what ya gotta do. And always have fun doing it. I did!

To pick up a copy of Max Saves Christmas for yourself or a loved one, please visit Amazon. Thanks!

Max Union Square

Sometimes you just have to get out there and hit the pavement and bring your product directly to the people. I had a blast selling Max’s newest book Max Saves Christmas in Union Square. It was a very successful day and I am happy Max’s message is reaching more and more people every day!

Max Saves Christmas

Max Saves Christmas is here!

Max is very excited to invite you to join him and his wild friends on their journey to rescue Santa from the clutches of an evil wizard.

The story of how Max saves Christmas will stir within the reader a new appreciation for Christmas and their innate capacity for joy. It is a lively and imaginative story that has positive messages about avoiding stereotypes and overcoming fears and obstacles with positive thinking.

Max Saves Christmas is an excellent read for advanced 3rd and 4th grade readers and children 10 and up. Adults, too, will enjoy this modern day fairy tale classic.

Join Max on his most heart pounding, nail biting, captivating adventure ever!

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